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Hi, my name is Valentin Rapp

I was still in school when my friends and I got into slacklining and it was discovering that passion that set me on this path into film making. I followed my friends around the globe, camera in hand, on all kinds of adventures in those early years.  

Wanting to get a more in-depth look into professional productions, I worked for two years in a commercial production company. But it has been spending the best part of my life immersed in the outdoors that has allowed me to bring that high-production quality to my adventure filmmaking, no matter how extreme the conditions may be.

I’ve now been working as a freelance filmmaker and photographer since 2014, alongside a great network of other creatives on a diverse range of productions.

One of my main goals is to always capture the raw feelings of the ones in front of the camera and inspire people to go out and experience real nature. My approach to this is being an outdoor enthusiast myself and always trying to be at eye level with the athletes.